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עודכן: 13/3/2014
Elul is about belonging. Elul is about pride in one's Jewish identity. Elul is about being part of something great.

For many Jews and Israelis, being Jewish is no longer a source of pride; pride that once bound the Jewish people together. Today, too many social and political elements have exploited our culture and religion, branding it prejudiced and anti-democratic. The result is that we are alienating our own people.

Elul is an alternative to today's status-quo. Elul uses traditional and modern Jewish texts to create pluralistic dialogues in a beit midrash style that are relevant and current.

Our goal is to return to our roots in order to find a pluralistic definition of who we – as individuals and as a nation - are today. On an individual level, this strengthens the Jewish identities. On a national level, this restores to Israeli society the dignity and respect for pluralism and social justice that were born from our rich Jewish tradition.

Jewish culture and religion are rich in ideas and values to be proud of. Elul makes this possible. 
Since 1989, Elul has developed programs nurturing a new Jewish discourse in Israel – pluralistic, open and accessible. At Elul, tens of thousands of Israelis from the most diverse backgrounds encounter Jewish and universal, modern and classic texts, and learn to incorporate Jewish values and culture into their everyday lives.
Elul is the only organization of its kind with ongoing programs throughout the year in the all over Israel and abroad. Our activities are rooted in the belief that wherever people want to study Jewish sources and connect with Jews of differing opinions and lifestyles, we need to be there. 
Elul’s pluralism is truly reflected in the organization – Our employees and students come from a wide cultural-religious-political spectrum. Maintaining this unique cooperation demands much effort and sensitivity, the same qualities used in our activities, preserving the tolerance that is increasingly hard to find in Israel. 
Elul has always been - and will always be - for all Jews, everywhere. Secular Jews like Elul because it does not pursue a "missionary" agenda to convert them to an alternative way of life and worldview. Religious Jews like Elul because it opens a refreshing new world with its approach to textual study as a means of finding and defining one’s own voice within many approaches and opinions.

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