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Talmudic Storytelling Beit Midrash & Performances

: 16/8/2012
This program is designed to give pluralistic life to the treasure chest of stories in our Jewish sources. Our goal is to inspire and instill Jewish values in our students and the thousands of children around Israel who attend the performances. The program has to stages: Stage 1: At Elul in Jerusalem, we use a series of courses and workshops to explore Judaism's treasure chest of literature with professional and novice storytellers. We then work with select participants to transform stories into modern, cultural and educational performances intended for children/families. Stage 2: The storytellers perform their work for children/families across the country. Many performances are given in the social and geographic periphery where cultural and educational resources are limited. The performances are pluralistic in nature and present the children with characters, issues and moral dilemmas from our traditions (including accepting others, ethical behavior, modern Shabbat observance, protecting the environment, etc.). Example communities include the Ramat Eliyahu neighborhood in Rishon Lezyion, Ashkelon, Netivot, Beit Shean and the surrounding kibbutzim, Carmiel, Tiberias, troubled neighborhoods in Jerusalem and south Tel Aviv and more.
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