Today: 24/9/2016
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Elul is about belonging. Elul is about pride in one's Jewish identity. Elul is about being part of something great.

Elul uses traditional and modern Jewish texts to create pluralistic dialogues in a beit midrash style that are relevant, current and help define who we - as individuals and as a nation - are today.
"Grand dreams are the foundation of the world" -Rav Kook (Orot HaKodesh)


Mekorock Jerusalem 2015

Share in the excitement of Mekorock 2015! Video and  Musicial clips

Founder of Elul and Former MK Ruth Calderon's Knesset Plenum speech.

 View here!

What Elul means to me...

"Meeting such diverse people...religious, secular, women, men, spirtualists, educators and more... allows you to examine your own values and beliefs while, at the same time, being challenged by and learning to accept the values and beliefs of others."
Ofra Palmer, Matan - Student, Renewed Beit Midrash
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