Yaakov Cohen.

   Born in 1956, Haifa, Israel.

   Married to Tamar and father of five children. Lives in Nataf in the Judean mountains.

   Graduated Law School from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

   Worked in the State Attorney's Office. Served as Tel Aviv District Attorney (taxation and economics; civil)

   Currently mainly engaged in the field of mediation and dispute resolution.

   A student and facilitator of Beit Midrash Elul, combines the field of Piyyut with the world of guidance and study.


Shaya Ben Yehuda.

   Born in 1954. Director of the Foreign Relations Division at Yad Vashem since 1999.

   Responsible for Fundraising and Resource Development at Yad Vashem, and the Friends of Yad Vashem Associations in over 25 countries around the world.

   Shaya facilitated the Jewish Studies program at Mount Scopus School in Melbourne, Australia for 4 years.

   As part of his duties, he founded the Efrata School in Jerusalem in the 1980s and managed it for 8 years.

In addition, he was a member of the Hartman Institute and a partner in the Education Committee that accompanied the establishment of the Hartman Institute School.

Shaya holds a B.A. degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Talmud and Jewish thought, and an M.A. degree in Jewish Philosophy.

Graduate of the Directors’ Course of the Hebrew University and the Leading Directors’ Course of the Central School for Teacher Training.

Graduate of “Jerusalem Fellows Program” since 1994.

Shaya has the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and in his last military position he was a battalion commander of an armored battalion in reserve duty.


Meir Wilensky.

   Member of Kibbutz Ma'ale Hahamisha since its establishment. Married, father of four children and grandfather of nine grandchildren.

   From a young age, Meir dealt with his Jewish / Israeli identity; Meir studied at Elul for many years, was ordained a secular Rabbi, engages in Jewish renewal, and designs life milestone ceremonies and holidays.

   Meir currently works for the Mateh Yehuda Regional Council.

   Meir is a supportive community father, giving service to retirees and seniors across the council.



Naomi Lawson.

   Born in London, England and has lived in Israel since 1983.

   Married, mother of four children and grandmother of grandchildren.

   In the past, Naomi held various positions in the world of associations in Israel.

   Today Naomi runs a fashion business in Jerusalem.


Nava Ben-Or.

   Nava holds a B.A.and M.A. in Law from the Hebrew University.

   Nava has an M.A. degree in History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas

   (In the Philosophy, Science and Digital Culture track) from Tel Aviv University.

   Judge of the Jerusalem District Court (Retd.).

   Former Deputy State Attorney for Criminal Matters.

   Married, mother of two and grandmother of five.


Dubi Tal