Elul is the first Beit Midrash in Israel in which Jewish and Israeli sources are studied, people from different backgrounds and communities meet, and together create creative products inspired by the learning experience.


Beit Midrash Elul, was established on the 1st of Elul 5789, (summer 1989) and is a pioneer of the modern Beit Midrash. Elul is a learning and cultural center that brings together different audiences from Israeli society and the Jewish world for the purpose of collaborative study, out of a sense of partnership and mutual respect.



  Elul is a home for Jewish renewal that expands beyond the traditional "Torah study" to new horizons. In Elul, the sources of Israel are studied and explored in all their shades, along with literature and general thought. Studying in a guided circle and in Chavruta (partners) is inspired by the wisdom of the generations, develops a culture of listening and dialogue of equality, and leads to a 'personal midrash' in writing, creation, and cultural and educational entrepreneurship.

Since its founding, Elul has given expression to the diverse voices in the Jewish and Israeli dialogue, believing that “Elu Ve’Elu” (these and those) deserve to be heard.